Basic course training for permanent make up master

Course duration is 12 days
Course price: 2600 EUR + tax 20%


29.06 – 14.07.2020
03.08 – 18.08.2020


10.00 – 12.00 Lecture
12.00 – 14.30 Lecture
14.30 – 15.30 Lunch
15.30 – 17.00 Lecture


  • Day 1
    Theoretical course
    Basic concepts of the course:
    • The history of artistic tattoo and permanent make-up (PMU)
    • Basic Concepts. Tattooing and micropigmentation
    • Skin structure and peculiarities of pigment spreading in the skin
    • Pigments
    • Types of devices for micropigmentation and their differences
    • Types of modules and their application
    • Indications. Possibilities of micropigmentation and range of services
    • Consultation with the client and pre-procedure preparation
    • Postprocedural care
    • Skin care after permanent make-up
    • Precautionary measures
    • Organization of the workplace
    • Surface anesthesia. Methods, tools and their difference in application
    • The legal basis of the PMU procedure. Customer Agreement
    • Marketing, promotion of permanent make-up services. Price policy
  • Day 2
    Practical course. Eyebrows
    Introductory theoretical part.
    • Make-up and application features in the PMU
    • Ideal proportions, variety of forms
    • Hair stroke technique (two versions)
    Evaluation and analysis of complex moments. Practical task: using the device for permanent make-up make 2 options for laying hairs.
  • Day 3
    Practical course. Eyelid
    Introductory theoretical part
    • Eye shapes. Principles of eye shape correction. Selection of a sketch of the contour of the eyelids depending on the individual morphology: - the contour of the upper eyelid (the effect of the density of the eyelashes) - the contour of the lower eyelid
    • Features and types of anesthesia in the eye zone.
    • Selection of a shade.
    • Conducting an independent procedure under the supervision of a teacher on a latex model
    • Evaluation and analysis of complex moments.
    • Summarizing.
    • Question answer.
  • Day 4
    Practical course. Lips
    Introductory theoretical part.
    • Lip anatomy
    • Methods of performing lip permanent make-up
    • Correction of the lip morphology according to the rules of make-up
    • Sketching
    • New! Individual approach when choosing the technique of applying permanent depending on the device and needles that the student has.
    • Homogeneous filling with all possible configurations of flat needles on devices: AMIEA LINELLE SUPREME
    • Drawing sketch on models. Selection of a shade taking into account: -color type; -colour of the lips; -wish of the client.
    • Anesthesia of the zone of the red border of the lips: Contraindications, methods, features of application. Student conduct of an independent procedure under the supervision of the teacher on latex models. Evaluation, analysis of complex moments
    • Make-up in permanent make-up
    • Types of face
    • Basics of work on the permanent make-up device
    Practical task: the set of a hand on a latex model imitating the client's face. Theoretical exam: To perform on the latex model, with the help of the device, the drawing of eyebrows, eyelids and lips.
  • Day 5
    Psychological aspects
    Psychological aspects of the procedure of permanent make-up. Practical task: to perform the procedure of permanent make-up on the model under the guidance of the master.
  • Dat 6
    Correction and cover up
    Correction and cover up of low quality works. Methods for removing pigment. Color correction of failed work. Practical task: to carry out the procedure of permanent make-up on the model under the guidance of the master
  • Day 7-11
    Practical task
    Practical task: to perform the procedure of permanent make-up on the model under the guidance of the master.
  • Day 12
    Examination work
    The practical exam includes 3 works:
    • Lips
    • Eyelid
    • Eyebrows
    Graduation gala party.