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The main task of the new MESO VITAL CELL BOOST procedure is to increase cell activity in order to eliminate skin imperfections and to preserve its health and youth (by implanting special substance with a large molecular masses into the deep skin layers).


ME MED (rejuvenating cocktail)
Contains a non-toxic hexapeptide, that smoothes and reduces the number of wrinkles, including mimic wrinkles.


It also contains hyaluronic acid, which makes the skin more elastic and moisturized.
Unlike usual cream products, that also contain hyaluronic acid, our ME MED cocktail is more effective because it is placed into the deep layers of the skin with the help of needles.
Facial mesotherapy is absolutely painless and harmless, unlike a botox procedure, which can negatively affect your muscles.


Thus, the dermapen mesotherapy is ideal for people who are afraid of injections.
Can be used for all skin types, starting from 20-25 years.


During the procedure the master with the help of a device and a sterile cartridge with 6 micro-needles introduces mesococtails into the upper layers of the skin.


After a course of 4 -5 procedures, fine wrinkles are smoothed out and the large ones become less expressed, regeneration processes are started, the skin becomes more youthful and radiant.


The recovery period is very small, a slight redness is possible after the procedure.

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